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Trong bài thi IELTS Reading thì dạng bài Matching được chia thành rất nhiều dạng như các bài học trước đã nhắc tới, trong bài thực hành này, chúng ta sẽ làm quen với dạng bài Matching Endings nhé.

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Our relatives, the primates, appear to be ambidextrous, or able to be both hands, although gorillas have heavier left arms seemingly due to greater utilization. Aristotle observed that crabs and lobsters had larger right claws. Rats are 80% dextral, yet polar bears are believed to be left-pawed. Flat fish provide interesting date: in northern seas plaice and sole have their eyes and color on the right side, but tropical halibut are the other way round. If this is to do with light and sun rotation, it may explain why Indian Ocean sole are reversed, but not why northern halibut are just as sinistral as their southern cousins. In the plant kingdom, honeysuckle is a rare example of a left-handed climber that twines anti-clockwise, or widdershins!

Although we live in a more tolerant age, not so long ago in the UK youngsters were forced to use their right hand, ‘to learn the value of conformity’ (A. N. Palmer), often resulting in the stuttering speech defects common in ‘switched sinistrals’ like George VI. In the 1950s the American psychiatrist Abram Blau accused left-handed children of infantile perversity and a stubborn refusal to accept dextrality.

Complete each sentence with the correct ending A-G

1.     Gorillas, unlike other primates

2.     Fish color and eye position

3.     Most plant climbers

4.     In the past some experts

 List of endings

A.     appear to have been against left-handedness.

B.     are usually the same in both hemispheres.

C.     are apparently not always dependent on hemisphere.

D.    seem to have difficulty using both hands.

E.     looked on left-handedness with indifference.

F.      tend to grow clockwise rather that anti-clockwise.

G.     seem to use their left-hand more.

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