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Matching headings là một trong những dạng bài hầu như trong bài thi IELTS Reading nào các candidates cũng có thể gặp phải, hôm nay, hãy cùng blog luyện thi ielts online của msdiep tiếp tục thực hành dạng bài Matching headings này nhé.

Luyện tập dạng bài Matching headings trong reading ielts

Reading Passage 1 has two paragraphs, A-B
Choose the correct heading for section A-B from the list of heading below

List of Headings
i. Construction of special cinemas for 3-D
ii. Good returns forecast for immediate future
iii. The greatest 3-D film of all time
iv. New technology diminishes the art
v. The golden age of movie
1. Paragraph A
2. Paragraph B

A. Film critic Roger Ebert warns that 3-D is detrimental to good film-making. Firstly, he argues, the technology is simply unnecessary; 2-D movies are “already” 3-D, as far as our minds are concerned. Adding the extra dimension with technology, instead of letting our minds do the work, can actually be counter-purposeful and make the overall effect seem clumsy and contrived. Ebert also points out that the special glasses dim the effect by soaking up light from the screen, making 3-D films a slightly duller experience than they might otherwise be. Finally, Ebert suggests that 3-D encourages film-makers to undercut drama and narrative in favour of simply piling on more gimmicks and special effects. “Hollywood is racing headlong toward the kiddie market,” he says, pointing to Disney’s announcement that it will no longer make traditional films in favour of animation, franchises, and superheroes.
B. Whether or not 3-D becomes a powerful force for the films-maker’s vision and the film-going experience, or goes down in history as an over-hyped, experience novelty, the technology certainly shows no signs of fading in the popularity stakes at the moment. Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland, and How to train Your Dragon have all recently benefited at the box office due to the added sales that 3-D provides, and with Avatar’s record set to last some time as a totem of 3-D’s commercial possibilities, studios are not prepared to back down.

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