IELTS Reading – Practice – Matching headings

Matching headings là một trong những dạng bài tương đối khó và phổ biến trong bài thi IELTS Reading, nên các bạn muốn đạt điểm cao IELTS reading thì hãy thực hành dạng bài Matching headings này thật kỹ nhé

Luyện tập dạng bài Matching headings trong ielts reading

Let’s Practice reading ielts.

1.     Paragraph A

2.     Paragraph B

List of Headings

i.            Some criticism of video-conferencing

ii.            The future of conferencing by video

iii.            How video-conferencing can benefit organizations

 iv.            How video-conferencing became more accessible to the general public

 v.            The lack of exploitation of video-conferencing in education


A.     However, in the 1980s, digital telephone networks like ISDN began to proliferate, so that by the 1990s the decrease in cost brought the equipment necessary for video-conferencing within the research of the masses. The 1990s also saw the arrival of IP (Internet Protocol) based video-conferencing with more efficient video compression technologies being introduced, thus permitting desktop, or personal computer (PC)-based video-conferencing. VTC has come on the scene in a big way as free services, web plugins and software, such as NetMeeting, and MSN Messenger, Skype and others brought cheap, albeit low-quality, VTC to the public at large.

B.     Conferencing by video has enhanced the performance of different organizations through its efficiency and effectiveness, saving both time and money for business and, in this carbon-conscious age, by the reduction in the environmental cost of business travel from one corner of the world to another. These apart, video-conferencing has an immediacy that is difficult to challenge. It is now essential in any work situation where organizations with employees on different sites or in different parts of the globe can contact each other rapidly. Like a telephone line permanently connected it is easy to dial up a colleague in seconds anywhere in the world.

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