IELTS Reading – Practice – Matching

Có rất nhiều bạn nói trong phần ielts reading, dạng bài Matching này là dạng bài dễ vì chúng ta rất dễ dàng tìm thấy thông tin liên quan đến câu trả lời. Liệu có đúng không nhỉ?

Khi làm IELTS reading, với “Matching” thì yêu cầu các bạn nắm vững được chiến thuật làm bài là kỹ năng chủ yếu là Scanning và Skimming để hiểu nội dung bài đọc và lựa chọn phương án đúng.

Luyện tập dạng bài Matching trong ielts reading

Hãy cùng thử sức với một bài ielts reading sample test dưới đây xem sao nhé.

1.     Margaret mead

2.     Chris Argyris and Donald Schon

3.     Claude Levi-Strauss

4.     Max Weber


A.     Finding a definition of culture can take a long time.

B.     Culture is something which is embodied in the way groups behave.

C.     Cultures are often affected by their more powerful neighbors.

D.    The reasons people give for their behavior are often different from why it originally developed.

E.      Societies create networks of meaning within which their members live.

F.      Culture is practically impossible to define.

G.    Culture is something which arises a group’s beliefs.


Anthropologists have proposed over one hundred different definitions. A number of these are variations on the idea that culture consists of ‘shared patterns of behaviors’ as may be observed by the researcher. This is the definition put forward by Margaret Mead, for example, in her study of indigenous ritual in Samoa. This kind of definition, however, does not take account of the fact that studying culture is not just a question of observation. It also involves studying the meaning of this observed behavior.

Accordingly, other anthropologists, such as Max Weber, speak of culture as consisting of systems of shared meaning; as he puts it, ‘man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun.’ Similarly, Claude Levi-Strauss also speaks of culture as a product of the implicit beliefs which underlie it. The problem with this approach is that the meaning of cultural behavior is not always easy to establish. Explanations may be offered up to a point, but the underlying assumptions often remain obscure. Indeed, they are often not understood by insiders. As Chris Argyris and Donald Schon point out, what people say to explain their cultural behavior and what really drives this behavior are often widely different. The search for meaning can therefore be a long and painstaking process, involving long periods of observation and interviews in order to build possible theories.

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