IELTS Reading – Practice – Pick from a list

Pick from a list là một dạng bài thường ít khi chúng ta gặp phải trong bài thi IELTS Reading, nhưng điều đó không có nghĩa là chúng ta không quan tâm đến dạng bài Pick from a list này. Cùng blog học ielts trực tuyến thực hành Reading IELTS test với một ví dụ sau xem nhé.


The search for ever more different novel learning styles goes on. Electronic-learning, or e-learning, is now very much the flavor of the month. The upside is that students may access the training whenever they want and they can learn at their own pace unhindered by fellow students. Again, whilst it has its place, e-learning lacks some essential ingredients, like the motivation of human contact in the classroom.  Such training is, in fact, inherently flawed as it is impossible to devise an exhaustive programme to accommodate every individual. Learners have individual needs that may not be catered for by distance-learning delivered on the Internet. Frustrated by their lack of development, they will not develop to their full potential. One solution has been to build into any e-learning programme an element of human contact with on-line help via e-mail, but increasingly, as video-conferencing facilities become more advanced, designer are able to incorporate real-time video links. While this is a considerable advance, it still falls far short of human contact that learning requires.


According to the text, what are the TWO drawbacks of e-learning?

A.     The cost of training teachers
B.     Not having enough trained personnel
C.     Not being able to cater for everyone
D.    The cost of keeping materials up to date
E.      Not having contact with people.

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