IELTS Speaking – IDEAS for “Why” Questions

Một mối lo không hề nhỏ của các bạn luyện thi ielts là vào phòng thi không có ý gì để nói đặc biệt là trong phần thi ielts speaking part 3, phải không nào :’( ?

Nhưng với loạt bài IDEAS for ielts speaking test thì nỗi lo đó sẽ trở thành dĩ vãng, nên còn chờ gì nữa mà không đọc kĩ post này để tăng cường kiến thức cho mình nhỉ!

Ý tưởng cho câu hỏi Why trong ielts speaking

1. Why is it important to learn a foreign language?

– Have more access to opportunities
(know another language -> be able to travel more -> have more experience and a better CV -> better chance)

– Learning a foreign language makes people smarter
(speak a foreign language -> improve multitasking skill -> better ability to deal with problem-solving tasks)

2. Why is watching TV so popular around the world?

– TV brings the world into the living-rooms of people

– TV programs help people get rid of their own problems and boredom for the moment

3. Why is it important to play sports?

– Sports are good for people’s health and wellness

– Sports build characters (fostering the development of social skills, teaching personal skills)

4. Why do people like travelling to foreign countries?

– to broaden their horizons (better understanding of the world, awareness of other cultures, make them appreciate what they have in their own backyard)

– to enjoy sights and experiences that you cannot get at home (e.g. can’t see a building that has been standing for 2000 years in Rome or the Great Wall of China in the US)

5. Why do so many people move from the countryside to cities?

– Pull factors: more and better job opportunities, better access to hospitals and health care, better living standards, better education—schools and universities
– Push factors: Hard to make ends meet since the quality of farming land is getting worse

6. Why do many people want to live abroad?

– For better career opportunities and chance to earn more money
– To see more of the world and expand their own horizons

Một chú thích nhỏ về từ vựng nhé:

1. make ends meet = earn money: kiếm sống
2. better access to: có cơ hội tiếp cận tốt hơn với
3. see more of the world = know more about the world: hiểu biết hơn về thế giới.

Các bạn luyện thi ielts cấp tốc có thể tham khảo thêm những bài học ielts speaking được liên tục cập nhật tại địa chỉ :

Have fun learning ielts guys~

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