IELTS Speaking – IDEAS for Solution Questions

Một mối lo không hề nhỏ của các bạn luyện thi ielts là vào phòng thi ielts speaking không có ý gì để nói, phải không nào :'( ?

Nhưng với loạt bài tips và IDEAS dưới đây của blog học ielts online msdiep thì nỗi lo của các bạn đang phải luyện ielts cấp tốc sẽ trở thành dĩ vãng, nên còn chờ gì nữa mà không đọc kĩ post này để tăng cường kiến thức cho mình nhỉ!

Have fun learning guys~

IDEAS for Solution Questions

1. What are the possible solutions for waste disposal?
– Composting waste (organic waste: food waste, animal waste, yard waste,…)
– Recycling waste (paper, tin, aluminum, plastic,…)
– Buying environmentally friendly products

2. How can teachers help in preventing high school dropouts?
– Providing alternative schooling: for example vocational school for students who don’t plan to go to college
– Giving individualized attention: for students who are struggling and falling behind their peers
– Emphasizing the importance of education: most career require a high school diploma

3. What solutions can you suggest to solve problems caused by the internet?
– Governments: Adequate legislation and controls for young people (More complex website access criteria)
– Parents: Monitor children and restrict access (Use a computer program)
– Companies: Improve IT security systems

4. What are some of the possible solutions to deal with drug abuse?
– Society: Intervene in media (prevent the act of glorifying or romanticizing the use of drugs)
– Users: Begin treatment (both behavioral therapy interventions and medications)

5. How can governments help people reduce their environmental footprint?
– implement price incentives (people use less water/generate less waste if they have to pay for it)
– supply environmentally sound public services (good public transport => drive less; satisfactory quality of tap water => less likely to buy bottled water)

6. What can parents do to help their children succeed in school?
– volunteer at their children’s school and/or join the school’s parent-teacher group
– monitor their children’s television, video game, and Internet use

7. If you were the government, what would you do to improve the transportation problems in your city?
– implement pricing strategies/increase the costs of driving and parking
– implement traffic calming (create a more livable neighborhood, decrease automobile dependency)

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