IELTS Speaking – IDEAs for ‘Why?’ Questions

Sau đây là một số ideas mà blog luyện thi ielts msdiep gửi cả nhà tham khảo, để lúc thi ielts speaking mình khi gặp Why Questions ít phải phân tâm nghĩ trả lời gì và có thể tập trung xem trả lời như thế nào cho hay nhé!

4 IDEAs for ‘Why?’ Questions trong IELTS Speaking

1. (IELTS Speaking Part 3) Why do you think school dropout has became a major problem nowadays?

– many are at high risk for failure and have serious deficits in reading, writing, mathematical, reasoning, and learning skills -> no will to try to improve -> drop out
– students lack personal interest in topics covered in school + the school setting is not helping to generate their interest -> find school boring and show little excitement about school learning -> drop out

2. (IELTS Speaking Part 3) Why should people exercise regularly?

– exercise controls weight (prevent excess weight gain/help maintain weight loss)
– exercise combats health conditions and diseases (heart disease, high blood pressure)
– exercise promotes better sleep

3. (IELTS Speaking Part 3) Why do people listen to music?

– music can change people’s moods
– music takes people’s mind off the pain of exercising
– music is healing (soothes the soul grieving for a loved one, and inspires those lacking in hope)

4. (IELTS Speaking Part 3) Why do so many people find clowns scary?

– fears of the hidden face
(sensory overload at a circus – unusual sights, sounds, and smells -> easily become overwhelmed by the surreality of the clown’s performance – heavy makeup, colorful costumes, and over-sized prosthetics all help to mask the true emotions and intentions of the performers -> very unnerving to a child)
– frightening media portrayals.
(clowns are often portrayed as emotionally unstable or even psychotic in many forms of media – killer clowns, emotionally conflicted clowns)

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