IELTS Writing Task 1 – Bar chart samples (Cont)

Thêm một bài “Sample” nữa về dạng bài Bar chart trong IELTS Writing Task 1 nữa nhé.

The bar chart shows why young men were motivated to watch Formula 1 in March 2007. It is clear that there was a wide variety of responses and enjoying the excitement was the most common reason among respondents.

Firstly, the majority of viewers watched because they found it exciting as there was just over 50% of men giving this as a reason. The speed of the cars was the second most popular response with only 2% less. Forty-four percent of males watched because they were interested in the technology involved in the sport, whereas only 36% was the figure for those who had an interest in the drivers and the competitive nature of the sport.

Other reasons, such as the strategies and teamwork used, were nearly half as popular when compared to the excitement felt. Far fewer people still watched for the visual aspects, such as sport’s modern image, glamour and branding, at 22%, 16% and 15% respectively. One of the least favored reasons was because it was their favorite sport and men watching Formula 1 for its fairness and honesty accounted for a mere 9%.

Only 7% gave no reason for following F1. 

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