IELTS Writing Task 1 – Process samples

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The diagram below shows the process of using water to produce electricity.

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The picture illustrates the process called hydro-electric power generation in which electricity was produced using water. It is clear that the production of electricity is heavily dependent on weather conditions.

Obviously, heat from the sun and wind plays an important role. In the presence of heat, the seawater evaporates and forms clouds which are blown by wind towards the reservoir. As the clouds increase in size and get heavier, they fall as rain into the reservoir.

Once the pressure on the dam rises, the valve opens, allowing the water to move via an underground man-made pathway towards the turbine which turns and generates large amount of electricity. The electricity is carried by high voltage cables to the transformer station where it is distributed according to the needed amount to different facilities, namely houses, factories, hospitals and schools. On the other hand, the water returned to the reservoir through an underground pump, and the cycle continues.

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