IELTS Speaking – Confusing Words (1)

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Confusing Words trong ielts speaking

#1. Notable & Noticeable 

Notable = widely known, or esteemed. 
Examiner: Can you tell me about a famous person that you know of?
Candidate: Argubably the most well-known person of Vietnam, Uncle Ho is most famous for his notable contribution to the fight for freedom and independence of the Vietnamese people…

Noticeable = detectable (i.e. sufficient to be noticed).
Examiner: How is the young generation of your country now differs to the past’s?
Candidate: It is noticeable that Vietnamese youth nowadays lives very different from the not too distant past. Youth face a society that is rapidly changing – and as a result attitudes towards gender, drug use and sexual relationships are much more open than previous generations.

#2. Disinterested &Uninterested

Disinterested: no personal interest or benefit at stake.
Examiner: What quality do you think is the most important in selecting a board of jury?
Candidate: There are numerous factors to consider forming a board of jury, but I believe it is essential to choose only individuals who are disinterested in the case.

Uninterested: not interested. It is the consequence of something being uninteresting (i.e., boring, uneventful or arousing no interest).
Examiner: Can you tell me about one of your hobbies?
Candidate: I used to collect stamps, but I am uninterested these days. It is costly and time-consuming so I stopped a while back.

#3. Beside & Besides

Besides: making an additional point, anyway, and another thing
Examiner: What are the disadvantages of the Internet?
Candidate: Besides the goods that being brought by the internet, there are some negatives that come with it. One of the most serious problems in my opinion is the speedy development of social media which is promoted by the internet. Some people are lazy to deal with real social life because they feel unhappy with their real life and would rather remain in the cyber world.

Beside: next to, at the side of
Examiner: Where are you from?
Candidate: I come from Namdinh, a city in the north of Vietnam. One of the most attractive features of my hometown is the availability of fresh seafood as it is located beside the sea.

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