IELTS Speaking – TIPS to describe a person

Một trong các chủ điểm lớn của IELTS Speaking Part 2 là Describe a Person, và để hoàn thành thật tốt phần này các bạn học ielts cần biết sử dụng các tính từ chỉ người không phổ biến, và dùng relative clause để vừa có câu trả lời dài, vừa thêm được điểm grammar. Đây cũng là TIPS mà blog luyện thi ielts trực tuyến ms.Diệp chia sẻ với cả nhà trong post này nhé.


  1. down-to-earth (adj): practical and realistic
  2. fashionista (n): a devoted follower of fashion, one who dresses well
  3. fair-weather friend (n): a person who stops being a friend in times of difficulty
  4. dress up to the nines = to be wearing fashionable or formal clothes for a special occasion
  5. the apple of one’s eyes = someone very special, precious or dear (romantically or talking about children)
  6. goody-goody (adj): to describe people who would not do stupid and immature crap like the majority of their peers.


… is the kind of … who …

… I mean, she always…


Describe your favorite family member.

– Lan is such an adorable girl that many of my extended family consider her the apple of their eyes.

Describe a famous person.

  • I would say that Chris Colfer’s co-stars enjoy working with him because he is a very down-to-earth person. I mean he seems to be a reasonable man with very realistic goals in every one of his interviews.

Describe someone you know who has changed a lot.

  • She was a goody-goody in high school who never did anything rebellious, but then she went to college and turned into a real rebel.
  • I hope none of my friends turn out to be the kind of friends one would call fair-weather friends. I mean it would be a relief to have people by my side through all the hard time, and not just when it’s good.

Describe someone you know who is famous.

  • He is a known fashionista, not just in my school but like, properly famous. I mean he has this fashion blog and it has thousands of followers, so it’s really not a joke.
  • Being well-known is pretty annoying I guess, as he has to dress up to the nines in every event he attends, or people would criticize his sense of fashion.

Hy vọng bài viết này sẽ giúp các bạn cải thiện kỹ năng nói và học ielts speaking tốt hơn. Hãy thường xuyên ghé thăm qua để cập nhập những tips for ielts hay về speaking ielts của ms Diệp nhé !

Ghi nguồn khi đăng tải lại bài viết này.

Link: IELTS Speaking part 2 – TIPS to describe a person.

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